Renibus (Nature's Intelligent Order)
213 x 188 x 132 cm
Unique work

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Renibus (Nature's Intelligent Order)

When it comes to water, the Earth and the adult human body have a singular parallel: each is made up of nearly 60% of this precious liquid. This connection is not merely anecdotal; it reveals our vital union with the planet.

The function of wetlands, like the human kidney constantly watching over the body's homeostasis, is to maintain a delicate ecosystem. Marshlands preserve and purify water, guaranteeing the biotope's equilibrium and the survival of the surrounding flora and fauna. Since the early twentieth century, unfortunately, more than two-thirds of our wetlands have disappeared. This alarming situation is due mostly to human activity: divided forests, drained bogs, chemical and organic pollution, etc. From this perspective, the sculpture "Renibus" makes us think, both about the worrisome state of our wetlands and, as a result, our obligations as citizens towards the health of the planet.

Formally, the monumental sculpture "Renibus" evokes that essential draining organ of the human body: the kidney. In its centre are round beads; others have broken open and intertwined, symbolising the fundamental complexity of an organic process such as the purification of liquids. Structures inspired at times by bur reeds, typical marshland plants, and at others by the eggs of fish and amphibians, by humus, etc. With patient poetry, the work's formal treatment suggests the fascinating "movement" of a natural cycle. A perfect circulation of energy takes shape between the beings, the material and the nutritive states. Through this symbolism of purification, White and White's sculpture gently reminds us of our responsibility as co-creator and of how renewed vigilance will contribute to nature's intelligent order.



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