Presentation of the exhibition
"The Sound of water"

We are so closely connected to water that the image of a mirror of ourselves, with its symbolic worlds, comes to mind immediately. Every human being, inside their own physical body, is awash in fluids derived from water. At the same time, they see their reflection outside their bodies in the large and small bodies of water that surround them.

With the increasing scarcity of pure fresh water around the world, the connection between living beings and water has inevitably become closer. People have become more aware of this shared resource, indispensable to human life and to ecosystems. Nevertheless, many people today in the West, unlike those in the Third World, where people live in a constant state of stress around water, have only a vague idea of the ways in which they are connected to water. This resource, present in all life, is inescapably connected to culture, spirituality, economic growth and social development.With the exhibition The Sound of Water, we hope to bring about renewed awareness of the primordial ties which, since the beginning of time, have connected human beings to water. The sculptures presented show human figures coupled with their reflections in water. Iridescent effects situate each work in the decisive play of a mirror reflection; the sculpted refractions bear within them an emotive charge and symbolic content that makes them more important in the eyes of the artists than in the people from which they are derived. The most common perception of the mirror is that which brings individuals back to a vision of themselves. Here we use the “mirror reflection” in a more fundamental way, in a manner that suggests that all human beings incorporate within them every aspect of the expression of the life of which they are a part—here, in their personal relationship with water to an immanent resonance affecting the existence of all other living beings.

The fifteen bronze and aluminium sculptures in the exhibition The Sound of Water thus attempt to capture and communicate the profound nature of this element as the means and site of revelation. Water bears life; it purifies and regenerates. In this privileged space in which we hear and observe The Sound of Water, therefore, primordial murmurs and luminous reflections provide a possible message to our attentive consciousness: the suggestion of a harmonious co-existence arising out of a unique concord between all living beings, the very image of the great unifying principle embodied by water.



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