Sculpture for TRANS-HERBe INC.
226 x 117 x 127 cm
89 x 46 x 50 po
Unique work
2016 - 2017

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This sculpture was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company TRANS-HERBe Inc., creator of the Four O'Clock teas and the La Courtisane herbal teas. The Quebec company TRANS-HERBe Inc. packs a million five hundred thousand tea bags and herbal tea bags per day and sells its delicious beverages in several countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, the United States to name a few than a few.

In this photo our sculpture is finished in clay, we are surrounded by dozens of photographs of some plants used in the composition of teas and herbal teas of TRANS-HERBe Inc. We sculpted these plants in the bronze reflection, some at the front, most in the rear : beyond two hundred plants are represented !


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