Momenta Vivendo
Bronze and Granite
198 x 102 x 102 cm
78 x 40 x 40 po
Unique work

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We designed and made this sculpture for the owners of an exceptional estate overlooking the majestic St. Lawrence River. Having had a vast plant labyrinth built on their property in the spirit of that of the Cathedral of Chartres, in France, they wanted to erect a sculpture in the centre of it honouring The Family and Nature. This sculpture was to depict the biological solidarity among all living things.

We wanted the work, nestled in the heart of the labyrinth, this place making a journey and contemplation, an invitation to discover the dynamic and fusional force of family ties, while creating an atmosphere of vitality, serenity and harmony.

The general composition of the work is an enveloping form, in the image of a family cocoon which is taking us back and linking us to essential values. We opted for an aerial sculpture all made of curves and, offering this way to the natural elements, such as wind, rain and snow, the possibility of venturing and caressing it. The Chartres labyrinth being a famous ancient creation (it was built about 800 years ago !), oriented our choice towards a spherical shape, which is also an immemorial representation. The sphere, linked to the spiritual world and symbol of movement, seemed interesting to us to evoke the evolution of a family through a host of events and adventures. This sphere is composed of two large intertwined plant’s leaves symbolizing the necessary union of two beings to give life.

It was decided that for the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of one of the owners of this estate, sixty themes would recount significant moments in the journey of this family. In order to narrate these memorable episodes of life in sculpture, and to echo the labyrinth and the sphere whose representations date back to the dawn of time, Egyptian hieroglyphs have imposed themselves on our mind, being archaic carved drawings that tell stories on humans and their relationships with other living things.

The two granite menhirs that support the spherical bronze shape represent the couple. One of the menhirs is surmounted by four small stones to represent their children. The symbolism of the rocks is solidity and durability, like a strong and united family.


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