Impromptu for tailpieces and pegs
63 x 102 x 56 cm
Unique work

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Impromptu for tailpieces and pegs

Most stringed musical instruments are provided with a tailpiece located at the lower end of the instrument. They are also provided with pegs (sometimes called the keys) positioned at the upper end of the instrument. Between the tailpiece and the pegs, the strings usually line up side by side, well stretched and strained.

In our sculpture, more than a hundred tailpieces and pegs are fancily assembled in an oval shape, plump and graceful, representing a particular figure of musical note: the round, which has a value of longer life time. All shows metaphorically a string orchestra.

We see this "round" as the symbol of a suspended moment, favoring as much listening to tunes composed by the human that those arising from the nature. The strings attached to the tailpieces and the pegs are drawing geometric shapes representing a musical writing system as well as organic shapes evoking the vibrant and melodious sounds from nature.

Sculpture presented at Musée du Bronze
d'Inverness (Québec) for the group exhibition
« La Musique » from 27 May to 9 October


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